Our Beliefs


  1. THE BIBLE – – Disciples believe that the Bible is a GUIDE for CHRISTIAN LIVING and FAITH. The Bible truly reveals God’s purpose in the world: to free us from sin through Christ.
  2. GOD – – God is revealed to us in many ways – all of us experience the deity differently – but Disciples experience God mainly through Jesus Christ.
  3. CHRIST – – Jesus Christ is part of God’s own divinity, living on earth as human, and now is our Savior, living with us always.
  4. PUBLIC CONFESSION – – We believe in public confession of belief in Christ and repenting of sins, and of acceptance of Jesus into our lives.
  5. UNITY – – We believe in the unity of ALL Christians in the LOVE of CHRIST. Doctrines and human differences should not be allowed to divide believers from each other.
  6. INCLUSIVE MINISTRY – – Disciples believe in an inclusive ministry in the life and work of the church. ALL members are “ministers” – entitled to interpret the Scriptures and perform church functions.
  7. And finally, the ORDINANCES of the GOSPEL – – We believe there are TWO ORDINANCES of the CHURCH – instituted y Jesus himself:
    1. BAPTISM – an act by which a believer enters into the church universal.
    2. The LORD’S SUPPER – Communion is the HEART of WORSHIP for Disciples.

Have any questions about any of these beliefs?  Please call or e-mail us at the church and we would be happy to talk with you!

First Christian Church welcomes ALL PEOPLE – – the CHURCH needs YOU, and YOU need the CHURCH.  THERE’S A PLACE FOR YOU IN OUR CHURCH!