Updated: 7/03/20

Bulletin for Worship Service for:7/05/20


Please Check out our Facebook Page First Christian Church Creston to see Weekly Church Service’s and other Church related Announcements on each Sunday until further notice. If we can not Worship together at Church, then we’ll bring the Worship to you at Home. If you have Facebook, just go to your “Search” box and type: First Christian Church Creston. Then you’ll be on our Facebook Page. You can scroll down and catch previous Services. The Church Service on FB starts at 10:00 am on every Sunday for the foreseeable future. ~Tony Benson

Due to COVID-19 First Christian Community Community Church has Closed for the Following Events until further notice:

Wednesday Praise and Worship

Sunday 10:00 am Services: We are still under the 10 person limit, but if you feel like attending, please contact Pastor Tony for further guidance on attending, but if you do not attend, please know Sermons are on Facebook. I will be putting the Scripture readings on this Website starting today. (See below.)

If you are visiting with us today, we welcome you into this Body of Christ and hope you’ll feel Welcome and and wish to return to worship with us! We invite you to join us in our Communion Celebration this Morning.


Scripture Reading for today:

Tony Benson (Web-Person not Web-Master) for there is only one Master, and it is not me.